Prick 8 vid

captured in Hi8 (lol) from my MM recital in 2004. the clock is 12 hours off, it was in the evening, not the morning.


Hahaha fuckkk, the tranny vids show up in your related vids. Harsh dude.

Great Prok 8 though. :rectum:

trui i vil lizten to thizx omnmrowo when i wake up i knoe it vil b legendary!!

hahahhaa tha nu8ttsahz! :gav:


AAHHAHAAH FUCKKKKK thiz 1zt mvt. epicnezz n collazal climax juz LEGENDARY :rectum:
ahahaha n tha inzane dezcendahz at tha end of tha mvt r alzo ridiculouzly wikid! :gav:

mazz rezpec! :gav:

alzo apologiez fo drunk zpammin thiz topic befo 8)

:cuda: :ho: :rectum: :gav:
approved perf-- 8)

hahaa jumping to 3rd mov to begin 8) 8) 8) 8) … i predict legendariness

Man, Great job! Powerful rendition. HAHA at the end of the sonata, you do like laying back on da Bench hahaha like “fuck… im done for today” must be a bitch to play entire.

BTW i just noticed you have da Contrast on da Tube. I have to perform it this semester. 3rd mvnt looks scary to syncronize

yeah, in some places it’s a little tough to get it lined up if everyone doesn’t know each other’s parts

it clicks eventually thought and feels more or less natural

hahaha da Werner Rectal Hall

Great performance of this sonata!

da werner, tru!

do you go to CCM?

Yeah dude, I’m going to be a junior this year. :chop:

oh ok, its you :comme: