problem changing pass/email in settings

each time i get a bigass NOT FOUND and the following message
“The requested URL /forum/registered.html was not found on this server.”

can this be fix’d please?

dongah thanks you :dong:

lol pwned

yeah, that used to happen to me, but somehow i was able to change my password after a lot of persistence. i would say to just keep trying.

this happened several months ago when i tried to do the same thing, since my old email expired

happens to me too. Someone hacked my old email, and so I tried to change the email setting on my account here. Never works tho…

I’ve even made a thread here too about it lol

ok admin, time to admin it up and fix this shi :whale:

plz :dong:

any luck :dong:

done tru :rectum:

hahaha da MART… after da TM i don’t trust da MART in Email stuffs 8) 8)

HAHA RESPEC!! finally changed my email to tha right one. THanks!

tru rezpec :stop: