Profile pics

Vlad - Ryumina?

Yes, nice one. Went through Prokofiev, Akhmatova, Cherkassky tonight and settled on Ryumina. I wonder who Bolet is leering at.

Ahhh… Cherkassky. I recognized the photo, but couldn’t place it. I guessed Kehrer.

Yes, she’s quite a beauty. All that’s missing is the axe and lumber mill here behind Bolet.

Great Bolet pic xsdc

He’s been on my mind this past week

In the old days we kept the same avatar for years, now you young bloods change it several times a night.
Rezpec! :stop:

I’m not allowed to have an avatar :blush:

There’s probably a reason for that, but can’t you ask Chris to put a specific one in for you? I regret that you don’t have one.

Here, made one for you

I tried, really tried several times, but I get error messages all the time.
I really wish this site would start with a facelift. The layout and design are a pain in the…eyes

Has to be the music stand surely.
Or a cap from this :fury:

If you send me a PM with your avatar of choice, I can probably add it for you.

hahaha :slight_smile:

Yes, and also remove all the mofo language from the front page. I don’t mind it in the discussions, but when it’s in your face when you first visit… If it hadn’t been there I’m convinced we would be 100 people here currently rather than about 12.

Have you noticed the pics must be resized to be below 210x210 pixels, and also below 35 kB I think in size? Creating a profile pic that the site accepts requires a bit of Paint skills.

Yeah it’s very hard on the eyes.

For the profile pic:

  1. go to

  2. open your image

  3. go to ‘Image’ at the top and select ‘Image size’

  4. reduce height or width (whichever number is larger) to 210. The other number will adjust automatically.

  5. Go to ‘File’ and ‘save’ as JPEG at 100% (size smaller than 35kb)

  6. You iz welkum & I know one day if I iz evuh in Japland again you gonna hook me with a hot piece o ass for muh plezhur

What’s the deal with the signature?
Mine doesn’t work and i’ve never seen anyone elses.

They’ve been gone for years.
Also the avatar size restriction was introduced because mofos would use photos that would absolutely rape the thread format.
It’s true that the site could use an update but I wouldn’t remove the mofo on the front page, because then it wouldn’t be da sdc.

This was my last signature btw:

Ye guys are really helpful - I did it finally. It’s Josef Hofmann dressed up as “child genius Ruth”. Apparently he hated teaching her.

Nice. MOFO is gonna be your biggest fan now for the tranny pic.