prok. piano concertos

I like the Richter’s PC 1 and 5 and Argerich live for number 3, does anyone know of a really good recording of number 2, i have michael beroff’s interp for number 2 but it is only decent.

Kun Woo Paik released on Naxos.

I know it’s Nax but it’s still pretty good.

tha BEAN iz tha obviouz rec fo tha prick2

i vil pozt it pozzilby 8)

much thx for da info

who iz da bean? i am quite interested in this rec. you speak of.


da BEAN 8)

i vil send you multiple cents through paypal for dis bean rec, how can you rezist the offer?!?!!?

hahaha weniz u mofo here it iz 8) … G5FPKF9GMS

AHA! much thx and respec to Rob!