Public Service Annoucement: Next batch of Web-cast Perfo

much respec. i iz gonna try dis out now 8)

ok i don’t understand dis, all da other parts i get

did u get the asx file?

Open it with the notepad. just open the notepad and drag your asx file in there.

hahahaha, respec to da helpfulnezz

ok, i’m technologically challenged, i dragged the file into the notepad but now its just in code not a link. please help me! :cry:

hahaha, he will

which one u want.

hamelin broadcast thanks

hahaha man
da jeff will record da doctah fo shor
so will da k-nar 8)

hahahahaaha u fuckin bettah

read the original post
only programme with ‘*’ is web-casted

so the Dre’s is not web-casted

What the :open_mouth:


i know man FUCK


dayum, dis revelation iz unwikid. can da k-mart still deliva da goodz?

we need to find a german mofo
dere were some in da CF, dunno fo da SDC

anyway we iz turning global, so da SDC NEEDS a german mofo
find one

hahahaha DATS RITE

dere was dis german mofo i saw tonite - he was talkin about takin a shit

i thought he was a mofo