Question re: Richter / Mravinsky

How many recordings of Tchaikovsky PC 1 did these two make together? And which ones are live?


Two - one live, one studio

I believe there are only 2 recordings, one live, one studio:

studio: 24/7/58 - Leningrad - L.P.O./Mravinsky - PRAGA PRD/DSD 350 069 (SACD)

live: 73 - Leningrad - Live - L.P.O./Mravinsky - (PT)*

Thanks. So the '73 is unreleased then? PT=private tape?

Apparently there’s 2 - a live and studio. :jacko:

That’s funny because I heard there were two - one live and one studio.

Yep. There’s two - one live, one studio - and the live is unissued. PT=Private Tape.

Why, btw?

I was wondering if I should upload the live performance, but I didn’t know the history of this (in part because I don’t really like the work).

Same here to be honest. My favourite Tchaikovsky is the third. I don’t have the live Mravinsky though so if you do I’d be all ears.

Randomly, it’s one of the few concerti I never really get sick of.
I like the G major a lot too, don’t know the E-flat well at all.

Try Gavrilov! I think it’s his last great studio recording.

Got rec? I don’t have that one.
I’m on Mozart at the moment, gonna go lie down in the park today and listen.
We’ve finally had good weather and sunshine this week after 6 months of gloom.

Sure I will upload it, just give me a week as I’m waiting to get it.

More or less same here, spring arrived a few days ago - and thank god for it. I’m changing boards on the house and am just in the middle of the painting. It’s A LOT of work, but in this weather it’s more than bearable.


Thanks :slight_smile: I randomly don’t have this rec.

AHAHAHA jeez. seconded! 8)