question: Richter and Celibidache in '62

I was leafing through Monsaingeon’s book on Richter when I came across a picture of Celi and Rectum together in rehearsal, marked 1962. A google search told me that apparently in october of that year they played Brahms 2. Any clues as to whether a recording of such a godlike meeting exists?

(I’m looking at the canadian, but if any of you know please spill the beans). Thankkks

They played together twice in Milan, October 1962. It seems possible that a radio broadcast of this performance exists, but so far none has been made public, to the best of my knowledge.

I always look at the Richter/Rossi recording of the Brahms 2 from 16 days later as a good example of what the Richter/Celi performance might have been like. Interestingly, the Rossi rec is my favourite Richter Brahms 2 - though most disagree - including Richter himself, who thought the recording only passable.

Regardless, it’s worth a listen. I’ll post it.

thanks, i’ll take a listen. it’s too bad that radio broadcast of celi and him hasn’t come to light. i’d kill for such a recording! just to see what celi would do around richter’s interp.

Hey Chris, I can’t remember if you ever got around to posting that Richter/Rossi recording… If you have the inclination, I’d love to hear it after all! Still hoping against hope that Celi/Richter version appears someday … -Rossi.rar

Interesting rec, thanks for sharing! I still prefer Gilels/Reiner though 8)

Yeah, hard to believe that a Studio recording with one of the great conductors and one of the great orchestras is better than a pirate recording with a second rate orchestra led by a 2nd rate opera conductor.


thanks for the upload! gonna listen before my thanksgiving guests arrive