Rach Symphonies (rest of them): Jansons

Symphony no.2: (with scherzo and vocalise)



symphony no.3 with the symphonic dances:




anyone want the last 3 of the 6CD boxset? it has rach 1-4, rhapsody on pagannigga, and tchaik 1. i dont really think much of the pianist and i dont know why jansons chose him, but its not too bad to listen to. pianist is mikhail rudy. will upload on request and will ul to whichever servers ppl prefer.


If you’re willing to, could upload this all and reup this to sendspace or something? Not too interested in those last CDs, just really want the Jansons 8) respec

sure thing.



respec dude! gonna digest this some other time

massive respect! Thanks!

thanks for the reups!

no probs. complete Tchaikovsky Symphonies with Jansons coming up (part of my latest investment).


That’s not a bad set. I’ll post another Tchaik set - possibly Svetlanov or Muti - to complement your post.

Maybe i’ll post Svetlanov’s Rach symphonies too - now that’s a great set. Though Jansons is almost as good imo.

Cool, that would be great to hear more sets. im doing this one properly, from name labelling to file types so its gonna take a while. hopefully i will have it up by tomorrow, i have lots of stuff to do at the mo.