RACH-TM Zdes Khorosho (haha fuckk) zheetz added aiite


Just finished it…
Da original:

Da TM tranz!!!


da zheetz scan cummah aiiiite aiiiite


Ok, I cud not resist… sent to da singah Lolita…

Tho dat mini caddy sound strange, needs a touch up latah.

Daim diz blatant whore out yo vid style!

Okkk, dats da last tym I write dat chick…
Altho, I will periodickally send her ma vocal tranz zheeyatz.

Dun tell da Klingon

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Will listen latah :slight_smile:
You giving out your email publicly to da lurkahz?

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Skype lessons: $40 an hour (I can also blow a banana on cam n strip down fo an extra $5 xoxoxo lurkah daddys c u soon! :eggplant: )



u haff improved da ROCK MOIZT wiz GENSUI GODO textualz dat wud haff annoyed da ROCK himzelf
REZPEC! :tm:

alzo da zingah in da original vid

5/10 :sunglasses:

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Tru da rock wood haff called moi a “wankah” fo dat

Not only did da TM change da texture n added contrapuntal motives

But, check out all da random R Strauss stylee 6/4 position chords to “improve” da original voice leading

Da parallel fifths randomly part ov da Rock style n da TM

Got rid of em :sunglasses:

Da zingah lolita dun noe even da original zong, I iz zhoh.

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Also, I revised a few things already.


I like the tranny and good playing too!

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Diz could be a decent encore…

Hahaha da myztery penizt ztrikez again!! Really nice actually.

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Very nice! One day I wanna try that too with some Sibelius songs - they’re beautiful too.

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Aiiiite, rezpek! :sunglasses:

Datz rite! Da fuckin mystery penizt!
81 views already

da zheetz scan cummah aiiiite aiiiite

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You’re da best person here for trannies, that’s fo zure.


Of course:


If drunk…

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If chezt hair…

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popping in to say well appreciated moisture, very good, well done