Radio Host provides SDC analysis on Beethoven's 109-1

David Dubal, host of “Reflections from the Keyboard”, recently compared the performances from the Arrausah, Hemp[ff], and Serkincizah (hahah SDC names are pending for Kempff and Serkin 8)), of the Beethoven Piano Sonata - Mvmnt I. The Arrausah’s was played first, followed by the Hemp. In short, Dubal makes an SDC analysis at around 3:15 - the 'Zepp would be proud. (excuse the buzz, it’s hard to get a good reception). … EZJ40UMAXO

8) :stop:


but da dizgraceful sheeyat iz: dezpite being 46secz fastah, it only sounded lyk a LATE BRA INTERMEZZO!!! it wud no doubt sound lyk a much bettah sheeyat if it wuz a chopet. 8)

da KEMPFF wuz incapable