radiohead/o'riley: airbag

did this at work today. mild CG ensues.

these things are fucking HARD. some of the polyrhythms make ligeti look practical. anyway, here goes:

fucking awesome, dude. better than when i saw christopher himself play it (then again, he was sightreading off his laptop). now you gotta try out paranoid android.

Nice work man. I’ve been listening to these and trying some lately, a lot of them really are just too hard imo. A lot of empty unnecessary notes and sometimes it just doesn’t even sound good.

A couple of them are great though

yeah, the textures throughout the transcriptions are generally repetitive and overladen with 12-note chords. there are a few standouts, this being one of them.

what’s interesting is that he usually doesn’t play these as written in his recordings (discounting the improv sections). some of the shit in there is just plain stupid and impractical (2+2+5).

haha, i was going to tell you to do 2+2=5 next. i was looking at the sheets and that one looks the most ridiculous. it still looks like fun, though.

nice work! are these sheets uploaded somewhere?

Wikkid :smiley:

actually i think i got them from someone that uploaded them here.

very nice 8)

Respec foh playing dis, i looked at sum of da scorez and dey’re fuckin ridiculous.

Pozz u shud do da Motion Picture Soundtrack next 8)

mofoz, where can i get mah grubby handz on deze sheetz?

hahahahaha FUCK

hahaahah rezpec

letz zee diz…

:rectum: :tiz hard

hahahaha fuck i had zheeyat to do today :gav: