Random Unleashing

dis appears to be a nu craze sweepin da ranks of da SDC elite mofos.

i would like to officially state dat dis is ENCOURAGED by da SDC 8)

da idea of random unleashin has been around for centuries, but recently alot of mofos has been doin it - basically its in da middle of a panty moistenin piece - u basically randomly and suddenly UNLEASH on yo unsuspectin listeners, dis is da art of da shock tactic.

discuss 8)

but u mean
actual pieces dat are built like dis ?

or some impro sheeayat on a panty moistening piece ?

i mean basically any random unleashin

like in dat berezovsky concert, in da middle of nowhere he suddenly sometimes just went insane and unleashed his tru girth

ok den

it’s wikid indeed
and da berez tempo iz like… wtf??

I wonder what is better for da SDC :

  • random unleashing fo shock tactic
  • steady fury : starting wif da fury and keeping it up to da end 8)

hahaha, indeed!!!

dis is da tru question!!!

id say both are essential component’s of a tru penis’ carrer - da random unleashing is also essential for attaining shrimp-like comedic genius 8)


oh those were the days




i like this shock tactic, i should try it someday to my friends 8)