Randome Sheeyat (courtesy Tha Man)

Hahaha ok, this was juz too sheeyat.



dat’s a really cool program
is it radio or tv?


hahahahaha letz c

[color=orange]Air America Radio


Can’t hear shit. 8)

Hahahaha ic, Da Scrib of tha multi-layered CG. 8) I was about to see if mah file wuz still uploaded. 8)

I gotz much to learn in the ways of CG and fury. I have not yet developed the cocksure attitude necessarah.

No, I really can’t hear shit! :frowning:

Winamp doesn’t play it…

hahahahahahahaha, datz rite

Is you da Manuz?

Haha RESPEC, I remember chatting wif you about this piece once and you said that the metronome mark in da SMA editon of the prelude was a bit TOO FAST! 8)

Datz rite…but then I started learning the principles of fury. However, I couldn’t bring myself to defile the fugue; well at least not with speed anyway. 8)

rape it 8)

Nevah. 8)