Randomly, does anyone have....

Sheets of Brad Mehldau’s Paranoid Android? I don’t want to have to transcribe it myself, but I will if I have to. It’s just too freaking legendary.

Randomly, check his website. Dunno if he has paranoid but if u don’t mind payin’ I know he sellz a few on hiz site.

is it anything like christopher o’riley’s paranoid android? i remember seeing him play it live a few years ago and was floored by it. it doesnt sound nearly as good in his recording.

i’ll see if i can come across mehldau’s.

Mehldau played a few different verzionz. There’z alwayz a lot of improvization involved. I haff one dat’z fuckin inzane n lyk 20 minz long.

O’riley sounds like an amateur next to Mehldau. No comparison at all.

Randomly filling my own request:

lesdjinns.com/new/Brad%20Mehldau … ptions.pdf

Played through Exit Music, Moon River and Paranoid Android, they’re all quite decent.