Randomly question

Da doctah’s festin d’esope video
dere iz such thing lyk dat?

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dere iz a video of da Dre doing da Festin

it’z shown on a German TV, a semi-interview/close recital programme.

Da doc also played a lot of inzane programme and ended with his own composition of da Circus Galop for da playah piano.


very inzane playing

Stockholom television recital march 2003
Kapustin: toccatina opus 36
Saint-Saens/Godowsky: “the swan”
Chopin-Godowsky: etude 1 opus 10 and 13 for left hand
Jakob Gimpel: “the marine’s hymn”
Alkan: Aisopos fest
Rademes Gnattali: Negaceando and Vaidoza
Doucet: Chopinata
Scriabin: study opus 2/1
Hamelin: circus galop for player piano


iz dere any way to get dis legendary recital??? :comme: :kan: :kan: :kan:


if u haff tiz, jeff, give at least teaser 8)

dayum i wanna see dis (must be) legendary Vid !

:da doc: : da doc: :pimp: :kan: :kan: :kan: :kan: :kan:

tru i hav tiz

i might try to crop some exercpt sometimes.

rezpec da steinway mofo

Yesh, da Stockholm television recital is one of Marcel’s best-Dre dvds. the vids of his rach-2-sonata, lobos rudepoema, fantasy n fugure, n faure piano trio are also quite wikid (hahaha randomly, i also haff all da Marcel’s Dre vids 8)

haha, da marcel mombeek 8)

i vill donate u 3040930000 ziffros if u gimme da furypoema, tru.


da marcel mombeek iz an idiot mofo :ho: :doc: :laughing:

randomly id hit it 8)

calm down

hahaha :unamused: