Anybody heard/seen the sheets to the Szymanowski mazurkas? Pretty retarded question, yes, but I randomly have to learn one. Recordings would be amazing…

szyma iz cool
me’z currently playin da narcyz from da three mythz
it’z randomly zl*w but cool 8)

to anzwer yer requezt…
me haz no zheeyatz n no recz


da piece me’z playin iz fo 88 n da lil4 (da vln)
forgoth to menshn

I have both but not on this computer (on an old comp that haz died). sorry

i have sheets and recs to all the mazurkas. the uploading progs dont seem to be workign for me. do you have AIM or MSN? my AIM screenname is the same as my username here, and my MSN address is my email. those methods seem to be faster for me. i dont want to ahev to spend 3 hours uploading something.

Here it is:


-da Meph

are you doing that competition that requires one?

i thought about doing that

some sort of Chopin competition or Polish

haha , da next polo compozah… i vill check zome recs , i used to have da shim’s mazurkas rec with barbara hesse bukowska , a very famous pianist here and a winner in the chop comp once. ill check , can u tell me a specific mazurka u want ?
randomly … diz polo iz da zecond aftah chopin here , but definately with whole rezpec to him , its too far yet ! :slight_smile:

iz godowsky respected in poland?

-da Meph

not really , i mean everybody goes away from the chopin-godowski things. and most of people say its BS. personally i dont really like it but i respect it. once i was talking to my profesor about it , and she said , an artist should be opened to many things , and such inventions like godowsky did to the chopin etudes , shouldnt be measured as nonsense but as a truly new invention which is dedicated to very few people. and for a proffesional artist , its good to play the chopin etudes and the godowsky inventions about that later when the original chopin etudes are understood properly.
:slight_smile: i hope my answer did enough?

yes I really liked it, and I agree. some of the godowsky etudes are great too.

-da Meph

Szymanowski iz wikid


-da Meph

well dudes , i really admire your admiration of tha shim. u c , its not that easy for me to like him. i needed to study his biography and works from his three periods and i had to study some theoretical analysis and lot of things to adore him. i dont know. its always really hard for me to get convinced to 20th century music. except the Barber sonata which i liked it already at the very beginning but im starting to get fuckin angry. i cant even read the fugue and i shall play it genuinly in few months for a competition. fuck , thats a different thread already ! :stuck_out_tongue:

fuck i just found out da doc recorded a szymanowski cd ! haha … wtf ?!

yes. complete mazurkas. do buy it!

-da Meph

Ya, da doc is what jre sent me.

Yeah the Kosciuszko Chopin Competition. No plans on winning, I’ll leave that to a jailyard student…

With your talent, the chance for you to win is rather slim even if you lick every single juror’s asshole.

why da tension?


I love the Godowsky etudes. Berezovsky played them well.