Ranki does not feature that often in this forum, if I am not mistaken. There are some people in other forums who say he is one of the very greatest pianists alive. I’ve never heard him. So I’m simply curious to know what you think of him?
Is his Bartok really better than Kocsis’, for example, whose Bartok I really like? One person on a yahoo-forum said Ranki has the best left hand in the business. I would have thought that Sock’s, Vol’s, young Gavrilov’s, or Kocsis’ (for example) left hands should be as good as anyone’s - as far as technique is concerned - and I guess there are many other equally impressive “left hands” that could be mentioned even as far as living pianists are concerned. Can one really single out one living pianist as having the greatest technique? :confused:

Dezsö Ránki, right? I haven’t heard much of his playing. I watched some Mozart Concerto clips on youtube and wasn’t exactly blown away by his musicianship, though his control is excellent.

I think that claim, as it stands, is a bit asinine.

And agreed, I would be surprised if anyone plays the Bartok etudes much better than this:

That’s as much an intellectual triumph as it is one of dexterity etc.

Yes exactly. Thanks for the link!

Ranki’s Bartok 2nd Concerto video on Youtube is astounding. It’s easily the most intense rendition I’ve ever heard… Other than that, I’ve only heard his Bartok disc on Hungaroton (Concerto 3, Out of doors suite, Sonatina, Burlesques, Allegro Barbaro etc) and a couple of radio broadcasts. He’s certainly a hell of a pianist. I have no doubt that he’s an even more talented Bartok pianist than Kocsis, but I don’t think he’s had the opportunity to record much.

Richter was quite impressed by Ranki’s playing, if I recall correctly.

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