Ravel - Daphnis et Chloe

Conducted by pierre monteux.


Classic rec

tru, but i prefer Boulez’ recording for this.


Beautiful rec!!

Really? I have to listen Boulez again - I have to admit that I like Monteux more than Boulez as a conductor…

Same here. Boulez is consistently incredible in French music, but in Daphnis et Chloe my favourites are Dutoit rec and the Munch rec on RCA.

monteux really shapes the work well in terms of melody lines, but i just love the way Boulez extracts amazing sounds from the orchestra in every possible place in this work. he builds up the climaxes really well too. either way, this work is orgasmic. does anyone have this?:

amazon.co.uk/Bart%C3%B3k-Con … 455&sr=8-1

I really wanna get this, but i have no $$.


Boulez is a great conductor, and is greater with age, but I find his NYPhil “Daphnis” far preferable to his Dg one because of the startlingly bad playing of he Berlin Phil, who can’t seem to get a grip on certain major french works with guest conductors- They play like pigs on Nagano’s “Turangalila” recording as well. It’s all comparative, of course, BPO on an off night is still better than most, but they aren’t flawless under every conductor. I saw Boulez conduct the complete Ravel with Chicago, which was startlingly well played, but their Bruckner suffers next to Berlin.