Recent works

Does anybody have some suggestions of works composed in the last 10 years? From 2000 - now.

Mainly chambermusic, maybe some pianotrio or quartet? or even sonatas.

Are there any sheets available?

any help truly appreciated 8)

wow, dude, you gotta be more specific, for i could name tons. what sort of style are you looking for? something that is academic, hard-edged, neo-romantic, accessible, etc?

also, are you looking to play this? desired length?

I was looking for a 3 or 4 movement work, nothing too far out, more accessible music. Preferrably chamber music with 2-4 instruments. Im not playing it no, its for a paper on modern music. Something with a clear rythm perhaps. Length could be anything from 10-20 minutes i guess.

Need the sheets aswell, so if u got something you like wich fits the description let me know :wink:


those don’t really fit your criteria though :frowning:

i actually dont care a whole lot for the lieberson songs, even though they seem to do well with audiences. he does have a relatively interesting chamber work called “ziji” for clarinet, horn, string trio and piano which might work for you.

also, if you want to go this route, carl vine seems to be really popular these days. you could look at his sonata for flute and piano, which is anything but far out.

both of these composers are very well known, so you could find tons of information of them online.

what exactly is the topic of the paper? it might help to know a bit more about that.

Its not a big thing really, just a small paper on a random modern work.

Pretty much anything is OK, as long as its mildy understandable and good music.

Ligeti Horn Trio? although its a bit older than you said

Carl Vine sounds pretty good! Love his 1st piano sonata. Got the sheets for the flutesonata?

Ah nvm just checked the around and the flute sonata is way too old. The work specifically had to be composed after the year 2000.

after year 2000? ok that makes it a bit harder, but still doable. check out the ensemble eighth blackbird (all lowercase). they are a six person pierrot ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin [or viola], cello, piano, percussion) who regularly plays works that are composed for them (many of them after 2000). among the newer, better they have played are stephen hartke’s “meanwhile” (2007) and steve reich’s double sextet (2007). there are many more, of course. their website has a lot of info.