recomendation: Spanish music or music inspired by Spain

First of all, don’t want to make PS topic, but since you guys know lot of repertoire, maybe you can help me…

I was thinking about doing recital of Spanish music and maybe go to one competition (recital free program, just one Croatian composer, 50 mins long). I don’t like idea of putting just Spanish composers, because it can be boring and exhausting for public.

Anyway, I was thinking about:

Scarlatti (group of sonatas, played few of them)
Debussy Preludes (La Puerto del Vino, La sérénade interrompue or some other works inspired by Spain?)
Busoni Carmen Fantasy (Sonatina no.6)
Albeniz Tango from Espana; El Puerto from Iberia
Croatian composer Davorin Kempff (some Suite (or similar) writen in 3 mvts)
Rachmaninov Serenade (does it have any connections with Spain?)

I will learn one day Liszt’s Spanish rhapsody, but now I don’t have to for it…

Maybe one more Albeniz for concluding recital?

Any help is welcome!

bro, call me a stickler but if you’re giving a spanish recital I think you should really use Spanish composers. Things like Carmen aren’t Spanish at all.

i disagree. sometimes the inspiration of a certain culture is more important; are you gonna play a real gamelan transcription or some debussy inspired by gamelan?

well Debussy is fine because a lot of his music is quite Spanish (estampes for example). I’d still drop the Carmen, it sounds kinda incongruous next to Albeniz. Incidentally the Falla Baetica would be an effective recital closer.

I was thinking about some Debussy inspired by gamelan…

Brew. The story of Carmen is set to Spain, so there are many spanish motives in it. Maybe it would be interesting that recital is based on contrasts…

I know, but Bizet didn’t exactly go out of his way to find actual folk themes (the habanera is an exception). For example that Busoni pastiche uses “la fleur que tu m’avais jetée” prominently and I don’t think that sounds Spanish at all. But of course play it if you want!

Don’t do a FULL Spanish composers recital, it will be boring for sure… Be sure to include Albeniz, Soler, or Falla.

Granados + Albeniz would be like, Bach+Haendel.

Other suggestions.

Debussy prelude: La Puerta del Vino
Moz: Capriccio espagnol
Liszt: Spanish Rap
haha randomly if you have da tech, you could play da Koji’s Tarrega transc.

By spanish, do you mean from spain? or hispanic, like all latin stuff. If you mean the latter, Ernesto Lecuona has some REALLY fun sounding pieces and would surely hold the crowds attention. Look up Jorge Luis Pratts, there’s a bunch of vids of him playing that stuff.

I’m a big fan of Antonio Soler’s sonatas, if you’re looking for something Baroque.

i like the idea of spanish inspiration, not only spanish composers.
Take a look in youtube to the delarrocha recital playing soler and falla transcriptions from el sombrero de tres picos.
Also schumann/tausig el contrabandista could be an original idea or chopin bolero?
you can hear here the bolero and a brief prog