Recommend recs op. 90

Beethoven, that is. Name the best. I’m in hot pursuit of the most gensui op. 90.

Severin von Eckardstein live from Queen Elizabeth Competition 8)
and zhorly :rectum:
:brotha: :brotha: :brotha: :brotha:

Gilels too… but my favorite is Solomon… I’ll rip it this days…

My favourites are Richter, Fischer, Yudina, Solomon, Friere, Gilels in Salzburg 1975, Petri and Schnabel.

Here’s the Solomon disc of Op. 90, Op. 101 and Op. 106


thanks for the link. i’m gonna have to dig up some of the ones you guys mentioned. I have a :rectum: and gilels version surely, and i know i’d heard the solomon. the others, probably not. maybe petri’s i’ve heard…

I lyk da fluid interpr of diz mofo in da tchaik comp :doc:

The best for me is Richter’s.