Recording preference poll

Do you like:

  • Lots of detail (knat farts, key strikes etc.)
  • Balanced and accurate tonality (sounds like a piano)
  • Sense of space (can hear hall)
  • Hiss irritates me no noise
  • Like things that sound pretty good on many playback devices vs. one or two great and meh to the others.
  • I conscientiously object to the intrusive nature of polls.

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thiz zound



Well, if we talkin bout ZOUND…


This cziff rec! think was abbey road genius mofos who finally got his sound on a record.

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Not a piano recording, but I’ve never gotten over how unbelievably visceral this recording is.

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Phenomenal recording quality. I always look forward the sound of the string breaking at the very end.

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The pogo create such a HUGE sound in that rec. you see the live vid from around then on YouTube? It’s paranormal.

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I personally don’t like an insanely “detailed” sound, but in a nice mix - you can capture both the ambience AND sum up-close sheeyat…

Let’s face it, hearing less details is often better. Just like those noir films, or even color film and film emulations look aesthetically better than sparkling unbiased footage.

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The recording quality on this fantastic Anderszewski rec is something.


Yeah… if you get too close to a painting it looks like a bunch gross smears.

I’ve been enjoying arrau lately after upgrading my headphones with what I was saving to buy a house (need to wait until decades of financial sector socialism is corrected - so give or take 50 years)

the arrau tone surprisingly beautiful in 60s and 70s

Which cans did you cop?

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I bought the dan clark stealths. Its the most expensive non car purchase of my life.

Dan Clark Stealths

its my stack. If I had a billilon bucks don’t think I could get something better.

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yeah that’s pretty good engineering and not too-dry or too wet.

The Trifonov Carnegie Hall 2013 debut album was really well-engineered in my opinion. Sounds way better than what I heard in the hall.

Maybe a bit too dry and up-close?

I just googled them. Holy shit? $4,000. I hope you are enjoying them sufficiently. FOMO’s a biatch, ain’t it?

If I had a billion bucks, I’d buy my own concert hall and just invite whoever I wanted to play.

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Yeah… for a guy that don’t own a dish washer or microwave it was a stretch but if I don’t do financially irresponsible things now and then I can’t justify to myself working for evil mutlinationationals to end free society. this a fair trade


Cans have a tendency to break. What will you do if that happens? God forbid.

Buy a new pair and send back the broken ones as a eval return.


Honestly, my Sundara’s are all I need. I don’t really know what can be audibly improved. I have to say that an amplifier makes even okay headphones sound much better. My Meze Classics, which don’t need extra amplification, sound much more transparent with amplification. Everything is tighter and there’s more clarity across the registers.

The upside is so minute from a good pair to state of the art pair you have to be a nerd about the tech more than the sound to justify it.