Recording preference poll

Do you like:

  • Lots of detail (knat farts, key strikes etc.)
  • Balanced and accurate tonality (sounds like a piano)
  • Sense of space (can hear hall)
  • Hiss irritates me no noise
  • Like things that sound pretty good on many playback devices vs. one or two great and meh to the others.
  • I conscientiously object to the intrusive nature of polls.

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thiz zound



Well, if we talkin bout ZOUND…


This cziff rec! think was abbey road genius mofos who finally got his sound on a record.

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Not a piano recording, but I’ve never gotten over how unbelievably visceral this recording is.

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Phenomenal recording quality. I always look forward the sound of the string breaking at the very end.

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The pogo create such a HUGE sound in that rec. you see the live vid from around then on YouTube? It’s paranormal.

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