Recordings from my latest jazz gig


Played 2 nights at the Ste-Angèle here in Quebec city at the end of november. Really nice place, the owner is a jazz fan (and a damn good guitar player; studied at Berklee). Anyway, a friend of the owner recorded our second show (I think he used a Zoom H2) and the pianist just gave me the recordings 2 days ago, so I thought I’d post some tracks.
Sorry about the random drunken shouts during some tunes 8)

The musicians :

Gilles Bernard - piano
Christian Proteau - double bass
and myself, Guillaume Pilote - drums

Stella by Starlight (V. Young)

E.S.P. (W. Shorter)

A piece I wrote; doesn’t have a title yet :laughing:

Peri’s Scope (B. Evans)

Fall (W. Shorter)

Straight no chaser (Monk)

Respect. I will listen to these on my walk to work tomorrow, tru.

hahahhahaahahha tha COLD chriz :rectum:

hahhahah tha zhitfacd robbah :dong: :dong: :dong:

tru i vil lizten zumtym i zjuz dont know whne

hahaha dayum da ROB, when I’ll be in Montreal u haff to come down and we’ll get piss drunk 8)