Recs from recent perf (Scarbo, Scrib2, Brahms, etc.)

Recs from my recent perf… Not including alot of it because of too much cg fucking up. Had a really off night actually. Nerves/psyched out after bad beginning. Pffffffffffffffffffff

Scrib 2
Scrib 32/1
Brahms 10/4

(forgot to put this in the rar but tomorrow or sometime i’ll also up my Bach-Bus: Nun Komm der heiden heiland)

good cd to watch for:

  1. kid coughing right on first note of scarb
  2. missed jumps in da scarb
  3. stupid missed note near beginning of 32/1
  4. person dropping book or hard object on ground near sensitive end of brahms

fuck, rezpecable speed in da scarb

tru, now just need a broom and a dustpan to clean it up :stop: :dong:

hahahahahah tha cough genzui happenz twice :whale:

alzo legendary zcrib zon n FUCKKKKKKKKKKK thiz ZCARB legendary :whale: :stop: :whale: :stop:

not zho why yo title haznt been changd to da JREDNOUGHT yet 8)

zeriouz rezpec!

Listening to da scarb, rezpecable fury 8), very effective interp and great musical understanding. but to be anti-sdc, i believe u give away too much of the fury in the first half of the work.
not gonna share your gibet or ondine? would love to hear em.

brahms sounds a bit mickey-inspired, tru 8) beautiful playing

dno the scarb 2 too well to comment, but it sounds good. i should get to know this one better, sounds really amazing. i thought the 32/1 was a bit too one-sided, not enough contrast where it’s due, imo.

how did u record this? sounds great. your commitment in ur playing really excuses the mistakes, rezpec.

thx fo rezpec 8)

re: brahms, yeah i can’t yet get away from the mickey influence. need to spend more time and make it more personal. his is too godlike

i’ll post my ondine and gibet sometime… still not too happy with perf… re: scrib 32/1: i feel the whole piece as a very static/ecstatic lush thingy… probably i undermined this by taking it too fast

hm well every 32/1 i’ve heard is very personal, i think i even play it a tad faster than you, i just felt there wasn’t too much contrast, but i understand your idea about the staticness. tiz a mattah of tazte tru

and i’ma re-ask how u rec’d it :slight_smile:

oh, those were in-house mics at the hall, i didn’t have anything to do with the rec…

damn, thought so, sounded to good to be an amateur rec. i would LOVE to be able to hear myself at this sound quality, captures so much more emotion

wheres the dutilleux at? too much CG to post?
hopefully ill be able to listen to these soon.

I’ve got another older rec of those pieces which is slightly better. Maybe I’ll upload the first prelude from this time and the 2nd prelude from the previous time

Dutilleux: Sur un Meme Accord (4-2008)
Dutilleux: Sur un Meme Accord (11-2009)

methinks the interp is much more refined in the above recent version, but technically a little better in previous version… hard piece

Dutilleux: D’ombre et de Silence

a lollipop:
Bach-Busoni - Nun Komm Der Heiden Heiland

fuckin respec da Scarbo speed… the paralel second passages at the end of the “middle” section sounds fucking clean (or good voicing :wink: )

the fucking leaps with repeated notes in between tru… i never had them 100% clean, its hard.

i could only suggest to look after more fine and subtle moments, specially in the first half. There are many people already raping this piece :whale: so it comes nice to listen people actually caring about the dynamics (wich of course are a bit “too subtle” already)

nice job dude… i’ll listen more tomorrow

daim… this piano tuned in 439 pozz? hahahaha

fuck da hard drop in BAL4… in the b minor sect!!! that person deserves death

tru i agree, wtf is up with fucking noisy people at recitals?? i went to a recorded recital last week, and people just don’t fucking care and just walk around with their heels on hardwood floors.

that’s not as bad as talking while the performer’s playing, which some old broad was doing during the last recital I went to, then when the pianist started to play Chopin 34/1 as an encore she gasped and started clapping (I figured it was the only piece on the programme she had heard before).