Rectal tonight, wish me luck

Will post rectal rec if it doesn’t suck too much 8)

What’s on the menu?

Good luck man… Don’t worry, can’t be half as bad as my “recitals” lol

Bach - Toccata in F# min BWV 910
Dutilleux - 2 preludes

Beethoven op.90
Brahms 10/4

ahahahah daim!

zick choice wit that tocc quite a legendary zheeyat up ther wit tha cminah n eminah

tru gud luck break a zheeyat :gav:

dude, post sheets to the dutilleux. and good luck man!

Awesome program, best of luck!

thanks for the well wishes, some things went well, some things not so. plenty of stupid mistakes! weird that my first rectal recorded for over a year would have mistakes i haven’t made in other programs, stupid technical things and a small mem slip. oh well, off night.

i’ll post some of the best parts when i get the rec

looking forward! demanding program, dude. make sure not to do that to yourself too often :smiley:

dude, u are fucking nuts

bee 90, gazp and scrib2 all in one night.

man, seriously… wikid prog but hard…

i remember my exam recital in Chile where i played:



(encore, rachop.39.6)

after the first 3 Bra’s i was already dead :laughing:

yeah that’s a bitch of a program, got a rec?

pozz because of my imagined need to redeem myself after legendary fugue fuckup in bach, i did play 2 encores though, one of which was bach-busoni… :stuck_out_tongue: so i had at least some stamina left. but it was rough

wait… don’t tell me you played the chac as enconre…

haha no, a chorale transcription… fuck i may be stupid but not insane :dong: