[REQ] Art of Conducting DVD

Hey, wondering if anybody has this dvd… It would very much please me if they have a rip they could upload.

Even better, anyone have a link to a torrent?

I believe there are two art of conducting DVDs.

I can pozz post both, but gimme a couple weeks to get around to ripping them.

thanks a million, man. i am mostly looking for the one featuring Celibidache…

Well shit, I can post his Bruckner 7&8 vids and his Dvorak 9 vid if you’d like.

absofuckinglutely! thanks again!

i’d be really interested in seeing these vids of you could upload them.

Hey, just bumping this thread for a gentle reminder. You’re probably busy as hell but if you can find the time it’d be immensely awesome of you.

Yep, I’ve got my last final later today and I’ll rip / post the DVDs on the Weekend.

wonderful. thanks again, good luck on your testy shit

sounds like teste

hey, any luck with this little project? I don’t mean to pry. I’m going on a trip to china next wednesday but if you posted before then that would be awesome… nevertheless, at your own convenience man

just buy them in China

it’s like 2 bucks there

Yeah, what Jeff said.

You best get some Gilels recitals on DVD, they have it for real cheap over there.

BTW: Chris is overseas, he might take some time to upload some stuff.

in that case, i’ll just buy some vids in the ol’ land of the people’s bootlegs

Yeah, sorry. I’m back home in a couple days here and I’ll post a bunch of crap then.

Where do you attend?

the north pole, obviously!

You randomly back from China?

sorry for the late reply. been catching up on shit. yeah, i’ve been back for a while. just not tons of time to lurk here. but i’m good to go, do you have that dvd lying around? i had no luck finding it in china although i did find some OOP pogo shit that won’t play worth a shit in my computer haha.

Which vid are we talking about - the conducting vid or would you rather a few complete vids by the likes of Kleiber(Beethoven 4 + 7, Brahms 2 + 4), Celibidache(Dvorak 9, Bruckner 7 + 8) and Mravinsky(Brahms 4, Tchaikovsky 5, Shostakovich 5) etc.

(I ask this because with the exception of a few cool clips of Furtwangler and a hilarious segment of Beecham chatting with the orchestra, the art of conducting dvd is really not that great imo.)

well i would go crazy for any complete celibidache vids you have on hand… the only stuff of him i have is the ravel concerto with mickey, bruckner 9, and till eulenspiegel/scheherezade