request for chop sonata 3

Hit me with your best recording… … re=related … re=related … re=related

I was gonna say… Kapell OWNS the 3rd sonata. Nobody comes close.


I still can’t get over how beautiful the slow movement is. And like iam said, Kapell is just the golden standard.

For some reason, I found it weird how diffirent Chopin’s writing is in his sonatas than in his other works. Not that i’ve studied them closely, but just from listening to it and looking at the score.

Randomly, there’s a whole section in the third sonata where, for me, it loses steam and just sounds BLEH.

You know which section I’m talking about - the middle section of mov. 1… In the Kapell recording it’s between about 3:50 and 6:00. It’s just such a drop in momentum and quality of writing, imo, and it drives me nuts whenever I hear it.

Anyone else feel the same way? Maybe I need to spend some time with the score to understand what’s going on there.

There’s a section in the 2nd movement that I dislike also. The third and 4th movements are perfect though :slight_smile:

for me the work holds together very well actually, i should play it again and look into what you’re talking about. i prefer this sonata vastly to the 2nd, although i’m not one to spit on sacred ground

I prefer the 2nd for sure, but I love the 3rd as well. I just have some reservations about a few sections.

I think as a complete work, the 2nd sonata is stronger throughout… while the 3rd sonata reaches greater heights but also has a few dips here and there.

zon 1 iz ma fav :chop:


diz iz tru :chop:

I actually prefer the 3rd to the 2nd sonata, because almost no-one can bring off the 4th movt satisfactorily for me. The only ones are Rachmaninoff and Fiorentino (who was obviously influenced by rach here).

That’s actually my favorite part of the sonata. It goes forward with such inevitability and bizarre chordal progressions that make me think of middle Scriabin.

Well it’s definitely bizarre.

For me it feels like filler, but maybe I just need to learn to love it.

I’m very impressed with the kapell, good choice, I’m putting that on my want list along with the lipatti.

Anybody heard Moiseiwitsch’s recording? Also, I heard Grainger’s is good. Anybody corroborate that statement?

oh haha I heard Gould’s… interesting as usual, not totally horrific unlike his Scriabin 5… but not one of the greats by any stretch

the Moiseiwitsch I’ve got is only alright. Musical but his tech had declined considerably by then. Now a prime era Moist rec would be something! Randomly he slides directly from the end of the third movt to the theme of the finale, omitting the opening chords.

hm, could be because of a recording time limit perhaps? too bad that he was declining by then…

i’m still interested in graingers… wonder if it’s any good

Rubinstein did that too. He said that after the beauty of the 3rd movement, he couldn’t get himself to destroy the atmosphere with those opening chords, so he just skipped and went right into the melody

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