respec to da JonYap!

hahaha dis guy is a fuckin legend, he joins all da forums and never posts. dat’s tyte 8)

hahahaha, and his SD credentials are unquestioned cos dis mofo nearly fuckin joined b4 i did!


possible relation to da jackson is under inspection 8)

and i have a q fo yo - brew!!!

r u da mofo on da KAN 4foum dat used da quest name 39/1?

respec to u if u did

aii, dat was me. i didn’t reckon neone saw it coz of da deletion factor, i jus wanted to bring peepz attention to da legend

hahaha, icic - da jake thought it was me so dis was a mystery

respec for imitatin ma shizzle

and respec above all for discoverin da legend of da JonYap!!


so da JY joined dis joint 8)

respec to him

haha, da JY will remain enigmatic.

if he eva posts he may actually loose his unique appeal 8)

hahaha, it could be one of us… o_O

or maybe he likes getting this attention so that’s why he does it. 8)


hahaha, he deserves da attention fo bein a genius 8)

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From: JonYap
To: Comme_le_Vent
Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2004 11:01 am
Subject: Re: yo

dayum, dats deep
respec to da legend 8)

dats rite, he is truly a legendary guy


da JonYap should be made a moderator 8)

haha, da unique thang about dis joint, is dat we have no fuckin mods 8)

dats rite. da JonYap deserves da custom members title of legendary mofo 8)

he will remain a flaccid penis till he posts 8)


haha, respec fo da nu wrrd 8)