Richter / Oistrakh Praga

Praga PRD 250 321, claims December 8, 1968 for Scherzo For Violin And Piano In C Minor, WoO 2, can anyone refute this?

da Richter experts not around here much anymore…but who knows maybe someone knows…

Not 100% sure, but date doesn’t look right for me

Files seem to indicate that SR didn’t perform in the city anytime in 1958. As for the performances with Oistrakh of the FAE, they did take it on tour and perform it a few times in later 1968; the documented 68 performances I can find are:

London 30 Nov 68
Paris 4 Dec 68
Moscow 29 Dec 68
There are some earlier and later perfs w Oistrakh but not in Prague.

Perhaps the above is helpful.

PS–there are still some of us Richter-philes still around.


i mizz da candain

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Did the Praga release say it was from Prague? I think they also have issued some Richter recordings from other sources. According to Tanin’s discography, there is only one recording survived of this piece, which is from Paris Dec. 4, 1968.

Correct; the Paris performance was at the Palais Garnier and consisted of Schubert/Brahms/Franck/Beethoven program.

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Old Praga (Harmonia Mundi) issues were usually of local Czech provenance. Late Praga issues started issuing stuff from everywhere, sometimes copied from other sources and with spotty attributions.

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PS–there are still some of us Richter-philes still around.

Thank goodness fo dat! :rectum:

I’m a Richter-phile, I just don’t have access to this information or all of these recordings.

yeah, the praga sacd stuff seems super unreliable with dates sometimes. It simply says Live recorded in Moscow, 8 December 1968. The concertography does not mention this date, so it could be a radio broadcast. He was in Paris December 4, 1968, per the other Brahms recording. Next recording date is him in Moscow, Dec 15, 1968. so could be possible. I wonder if it is the Dec 29 mentioned.

My estimate is that it’s from the 4 Dec Paris concert as that concert is known recorded. The 15th recital didn’t include Brahms and I can find no trace of any recordings from the 29th recital. Possible that somebody recorded the 29th privately but we’re now a little late in time for it to “premiere”. Of course, we’re all sitting on one thing or another which hasn’t surfaced broadly.