richter wagner clip from the enigma

maybe you guys can help me with this; i’ve been dying to know the official title of the wagner piece shown in Monsaingeon’s Richter film, and can’t seem to find it as part of a Wagner piano collection or on dasdc sheets site

any tips? official title? pdf?

hmmm. need to see da clip :chop:

is that it? Schmachtend ( elegie )
quick search on youtube for : richter enigma wagner as keywords pointed me to thiz

yeah! that’s the one. in the movie the clip is a silhouette of richter playing, camera shot from the ‘wrong side’ of the piano (his left), with the orange light of his one reading-lamp looking like a sun in the blackness

very beautiful actually

anyways i searched “schmachtend” and still couldn’t find it… more helps plz?

I’ve often seen it titled as ‘Albumblatt’.

thanks chris, i’ll look for that instead