RIP Alexis Weissenberg


damn, any news article out there? havent heard anything about it. RIP

WHAT?! My hero :frowning:


Amazing how much rezpec he gets on the facebook page i run, posted this like half an hour ago and over 100 comments in total. Like it should be, really bummed about this tbh.

Rest in piece, this great pianist… … -dies.html



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really sad sheeyat, love his playing.


i heard about this when i woke this morning… and while i am not VERY familiar with his playing or anything, i do admire what i’ve heard.

at any rate, i’ll be posting up a video of En Avril, à Paris tomorrow…

RIP ! :frowning:

No idea how to react. Brahms tribute -> REZPEC.

Bezt recs of so many pieces… Petrouchka, Rock 32/10, Bartok 2, n so much zheeyat! A beautiful man and a beautiful soul… I’m goin’ all 88z.

Juzt a tru mofo, thru n thru.

Requiescat In Pace.

Really? I would have though calling Cziffra a ‘peasant’ would lessen his greatness somewhat…

I never heard that… but then again, Brahms was a massive dick. And their styles are very, very different. I’m not too surprised that they’d have differences of opinion, although you’re set up pretty hard if you’re taking a shot at Cziffra.

Alexis Weissenberg was born on this day 90 years ago. The first thing that always comes to mind when I think of the pianist is the absolutely stunning 1965 film produced by Swedish director Åke Falck of Weissenberg playing Stravinsky’s Petrushka suite.

It took a month to film the three movements, and with the creative lighting and angles, as well as the fabulous playing (masterfully dubbed to a Weissenberg performance), it is one of the most amazing filmed performances that I’ve ever seen, a true work of art. And it certainly helped Weissenberg’s career: Karajan saw it and then booked the pianist to film Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1.

Here is the Danse Russe from this legendary film (the entire suite is on YouTube but in lesser quality), which was remastered on DVD some years ago and is a must-have for lovers of the piano. A masterpiece!

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HAHAHAHA mo info required on diz dizz???!!?!?

Tru. Anyone know? I got no idea where that came from.

Listened to his Eminor Chopcon the other day. Def one of the best.

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