RIP Dave Brubeck


Heard that he died. A tru legend

Tru. I was never a huge fan, but he helped bring jazz into the mainstream.

Respect the legend. R I P :rectum:

Whereabouts in Oz are you from?

I’m originally from Canada–I moved to Oz a few years ago to do a post grad law degree and decided to hang around. At the moment I’m living in Canberra.


Shit, no way.
I’m from Canberra, born and raised.

Haha shit that’s random

You haven’t left Canberra for the bright lights of Syd or Melb?

Nah, I reckon when I leave Canberra, I’ll leave Australia.
But it won’t be for a few years yet.

Haha poor Brubeck, everyone remembers him for Take Five & he didn’t even write it


Take Five is classic.


From wiki article on take 5

er…Unless they mean it was divided into groups other than 3.3.3., I think that needs to be rewritten…

Oops, meant to say Time Out. Whole album: classic.