RIP Igor Zhukov


Wait, this guy didn’t die years ago?

nope. I guess he didn’t play publicly after 1994 or so.

Can’t find any confirmation of that online and wiki page is not updated yet - da TM has special news sources?

Passed away this morning… … ya-zhukova … echatelnyy

Damn, I legitimately thought he died years ago.
Still 81 is not a bad innings. :rectum:

I see, thanks, I forgot that you are from Russia.
Zhukov’s Scriabin was quite wonderful

His famous Chopin / Scriabin program was from the late '90s. He carried on conducting long after that.

Dude mopped the floor with most contemporary pianists. His interps are one-of-a-kind. Check out his Chopin third or Schumann op. 17, no one has ever made music quite like that.

Damn he didn’t get anything like the attention he deserved, but I guess he didn’t want it.

Yes, truly one of the greats. I’ve been trying to scrape together as many recordings of him as possible, it’s not an easy task. I was just listening to his late recording of Op.110 the other day. I never thought I’d hear an interpretation surpassing Richter in its raw power, but this one was just incredible.

Is that the one on Telos? Either way could you share it please? I want to upload something for him to YT but I need permission to share the Schumann.

Tru, some of the most raw and impassioned scriabin and medtner out there.

and then there’s this heavenly Passacaglia and fugue transcript he did

RIP Igor

Yes that’s the one, on Telos. I am away from my collection at the moment, I will post it when I get back later in the week.

Thanks mate, no rush at all. cheers