RIP Penderecki

Although I zhall await da zlipped dizk ardickle juz to make sure :dong:

Did he write much fo da 88?

On Friday, March 22, Pianist Anna-Maria Maak plays the world premiere of a musical work by Krzysztof Penderecki as part of the Torgau Rathauskonzerte 2019 (Germany). The composition ‘Ciaccona, Aria & Vivace’ (Schott Music Publisher) is the first solo piano music by the renowned Polish composer. A special highlight in the program ‘Resplendences…around Bach’, which the Leipzig pianist offers along with works by her longtime musical collaborator, the German-Venezuelan composer Sef Albertz in the historic city of Torgau. During a personal encounter in January 2017, Maak & Albertz talked in Weimar with Maestro Penderecki about the new composition. The result: about a quarter of an hour of powerful, elegiac and thrilling music in a successful pianistic adaptation by Sef Albertz and a foretaste of the forthcoming album ‘In the Secret of the World’ by the Leipzig artist couple.

1 mature work for da 88, written last year. :astonished:

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Rest in peace. He was great composer. I heard him conducting once in Zagreb.

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Beautiful piece, originaly for strings: