?'s bout Mastahclazz'z

Wot famous penizts haff yo all played fo?
n what sheeyat did yo play?
waz da fuckah useful?
general opinionz on da mastahclazz format?

Ummm, I’ve seen, but not participated in classes with:

Evgeny Kissin ( Wilfrid Laurier University ) teaching students on:
Chopin - Ballade No. 1 Op. 24
Chopin - Scherzo No. 3 Op. 39
Beethoven - Waldstein Op. 53, 1st and 2nd Movements

James Parker ( University of Toronto )
andrewkwanartists.com/roster/parker.html teaching on:
Chopin - Etude Op. 25 No. 11
Chopin - Sonata No. 3 Op. 38
Prokofiev - Toccata Op. 11
Ravel - Gaspard de la Nuit - Scarbo

ummm…I randomly walk-in to Parker’s Masterclasses for free every Wednesday. I’d vid cap them…but I don’t have a camera - tiz tru.

n da shit IZ uzeful, but daim, da sheer fury of sum of deze studentz iz a bit TOO wikid to improve on 8)

Charles Rosen- sum beethoven sonata
Craig Sheppard- liszt rigoletto (leeds silver winnah)
Nelita True- prok 6th
McCray with a few pieces
and few others

quite useful, it helps you get out (at leazt temporarily) of mannerizms you may have with your regular teacher

I’ve played for Joseph Kalichstein, Schubert B-flat D.960
I’ve seen Claude Frank teach Petrouchka (lmao) among other things
Ronald McDonald teaching the Berg Sonata, Chopin 3rd Ballade and others
and other sheeyat

hahah fuck :whale: hiz wife is my friend’s teachah

bit random

im going to play for nossina next 2 weeks. randomly my prof. told me to learn some nu rachets i never played before so today im spending time on praxin and goin to tha beach

Nossina’s meant to be really good in Bach. She’z had a few mastahclazz’s here, but ah nevah actually attended any. Shame dat.

ive been to a maztaclass with da pianist from romania but mah abd self cant remembah da name.

I haff also played foh håvard gimse(NAXOS pianist). i played da a minor fuge from wtc 1.

usefull sheeyat indeed.

-da Meph

Ive played in masterclasses for Noriko Ogawa and Murray Mclachlan.

Ive also seen Bryce Morrison teaching Rachmaninov 2, Peter Donhoe teach appasionata, Bernard Roberts teach Brahms intermezzi, Ronan O’ Hora teaching Prokofievs 3rd sonata and Yonty Solomon teaching Gaspard.

Playing in a masterclass is almost ALWAYS helpful.


:comme: : I met da doc 8)

no one has yet played for da world class pianists.

Ahve heard Murray Mclachlan play a long time ago wit Tommy Smith. n ahve read sum of hiz columns on tech n random articlez in piano mag. Woz he much use? Wot did he talk about mainly?
Ah played to Martimo Tirimo, Dmitri Alexeev n Muza Rubackyte
also ah haff witnezzed a great many othas…

haha … zimerman i rummored to request 1000$ for 30 mins

Havard Gimse turns in an exceptionally fine performance of the perennially fresh Grieg Piano Concerto. He launches the first movement with apt bravura, and it’s very gratifying to hear him collaborating with conductor Bjarte Engeset in a swift basic tempo that never sags in the movement’s later, more lyrical stages. In fact, my only criticism of the performance stems from Gimse’s habit of inserting hairpin dynamic adjustments in passages that hardly need them (the opening theme of the finale, for instance). Otherwise, there’s more than enough thrilling playing to justify a firm recommendation, including a terrific first-movement cadenza and a wonderful account of the closing pages.



-da Meph

Murray had some really interesting ideas with the piece, to which noriko also added her thoughts, and well I took the best of both worlds, so yeah he was of “use”?

John Perry- Liszt Vallee D’obermann
Daniel Pollack- Prokofiev 7th Sonata
Joseph Kalichstein- Beethoven sonata op.110
Ann Schein- Faure Theme and Variations in C# minor Op.73

Master classes can be frustrating for me since you get scolded in front of an audience, and when you don’t get your shit right, the teacher gets pissy. It’s kind of nerve wracking. :confused: