saw DOC in shostakovich 1st concerto tonight

what a sheeyat piece :whale:

Fuck on you, it’s a good piece.

Maybe it’s Doc that’s shit. Listen to Kapell instead.

i saw hamelin perform both of them like 4 years ago and he performed it very well. but i gotta agree with da jred somewhat. its not the greatest concerto ever written by any means at all. i could name tons of concertos that are better from it from that time period, such as the prok concertos.

Never like any Shorty’s 88 works i muzt say

da zymphz are another ztory

I’m not saying it’s the pinnacle of the concerto literature… I’m just saying it’s FAR from a ‘sheeyat’ piece. Maybe you guys are taking it a bit too seriously. It is not a profound work, just a witty, freewheeling example of Shostakovich’s early style.

but Shostakovich’s early style: The Nose, Lady Macbeth, is so full of creativity and vigor and ballsy youthful audacity. Works like this concerto, which come from slightly later, exhibit everything I just cannot appreciate about shostakovich, especially its general cheesiness :frowning:

i would say that i think there are other works with humor and “cuteness” that are much greater in the literature…

i readily admit that i almost never like shostakovich’s music though (except for the string quartets), so it could just be my prejudice

well i think most of us here already knew that :dong: :rectum:

Randomly, have you ever listened to Shosty’s first sonata?

I think it’s kinda cool.

i love the 1st sonata. i would love to learn it but it looks like an all around bitch of a piece. its a great example of shosty’s early style, along with the operas that jred mentioned.

acutally seconded…but

i think is crap of the finest quality,
crap of the finest artistry.

Schnitke is plain crap.

:comme: :comme:

Shosty’s 88 pieces rock. luv the sonatas.

Preludes and Fugues!?!?!?

Utter masterpieces.

Just listening to them now actually!

gtfo, schnittke is freakin awesome. just listen to his concerto for piano and strings! miles above either of shosty’s, imo.

:whale: NO

nice av :doc:

Am I the only one who likes the concerto? I first heard it played by Scherbakov.

chris likes it, and anima, and nor

Jred, did you ever listen to the Kapell recording? Even if you don’t like the work, that recording should win you over. It’s badass.

no, i never checked it out. maybe I should – Kapell’s a good brand