Scherbakov Plays 24 Liszt / Lyapunov for Player PIano ?


I’d buy his tranny’s regular even if he’s developed a little bit of a pianistic dad bod lately

Anybody got details on a CD version of this in works??

Not me, but I know these form part of his current program. I have a chance to hear him play them later this year, but… It’s either that or a Fray recital, who I missed in 2013 and who I’ve promised myself not to pass on again.

I’d definitely attend Fray, I’ve enjoyed every chance I’ve had to see him in concert.
For some reason, he isn’t performing here this season.

In that case I think that settles it. At least earlier he has carefully avoided all cities with microphones, so if you can’t catch him either I doubt a good recording will turn up unless I do it myself. The only thing which has caused me to hesitate is that I found the program completely uninteresting, and it’s a long way to travel - I won’t escape below 250€, plus I’ll have to take a day off. But I came across this this morning, after which it suddenly felt completely reasonable.

who is Fray? 8)

It’s really weird, he hardly gives concerts at all? 17 booked, but only two recitals over the next six months.

Yes I’m definitely seeing Fray. Diz an oporrtunyti dat kan not be mizzed!

oh you mofo :mule:

Listen to the first five seconds of the Schubert Impromptu above. THAT is Fray!

Yeah tough call, 250€ is a lot for that pretty lightweight programme. At least in Canada he’ll play D959 (which I’ve already heard him in).
Curiously, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard him speak English. It’s amazing how French suddenly sound 50 IQ points dumber when they speak English.

…so theres hope for me if I learn French ; )

oh, i’m getting him mixed up with the red head in the long dong / beer n bum :brotha: master class. what was that mofos name?

David Kadouch.