Schubert Chamber Music - By GREAT dudes

I have this: … B00005U589

Anyone want me to UL?

Pls count me in. Btw, do you have a good Tod und das Mädchen?

I would very much 8)

fuck, yes definitely.

which rec would you recommend for da Trout?

There is the Cortot/Casals/Thibaud B Flat Trio + Schnabel A Major Trout Quintet.

I’ll upload the Rach/Kreisler A major Grand Duo next.


Gilels, Richter, Leonskaja

Gilels and Richter’s Trout Quintets are on commercial recz? Phenomenal. … 76774C22E4

Kreisler Rach A major duo

my choice precisely

Wow, great respekk! These are truly moving. Cortot in the Schubert is really very eloquent.

Thanks for the upload-

Ivan, you’re right, Cortot is really magical in Classical repertoire. If anyone has the the masterclasses to upload, it would be great, as
he plays much Beethoven in a style much unlike anyone else.