SDC 8-Year anniversary.

single tear. :dong:

Here’s to another 8 more. creme de menthe :rock:

May da fury still be with you guys!

hahahahahah much rezpec to tha lazt frontier of 88forumz

let’z have a drink to diz 8)

haaha tru im partyin tonight (1zt night back in mtl) i’ll make zure to drink one foh da Speed Demonz 8)

rezpec da SDC; surviving without da holy trinity :comme:

trinity: comme, zepp…jackson??

:dong: :doc: :lib:

hahaahhha tha mart; randomly payin tha billz 8)

haha da mart getz no rezpec :dong:

where’s da MART??? respec da forgotten Legend :medtner:

haha dayum tru, let’z not forget da mart 8)

Haha ya da mart pretty rad. :whale:

go back da bottom of da front page we iz talkin about da mart right now


haaha actually paid by da KEVIN

Expiration Date: 27-nov-2012

hahaha plz find diz mofo 8)

rezpec to all you mofoz

haha fuck, that commands even more rezpec because I don’t think I’ve seen him post in years. :comme:

haha dayum wut, i dun even know da KEVIN 8)

i doubt it will last till next year. look at the number of posts – totally abundant.


hahahaha tha KRIT out of nowher :dong: