SDC clazzicz dat zound inzanely zheeyat


even fazt n furiouz zongz can zumtymz zound lyk ZHEEYAT, unbelievably 8)

da followin zongz r normally cunzidahed SDC clazzix, yet dey zound zo zheeyat da zepp cannot even get himzelf hard enuff fo a clazzic RAPE-THRU interp due to lack of aural ztimulation:

da ROCKET 39-9
da DOC BEE (tru even da DOC himzelf, realizin itz zheeyatnezz, removed it from hiz 12 etz zet)

dizcuzz 8)

haha i forgot about da doc bee

tru shit.

Damn da zepp pozz high?

Da Rock 39/9???
Daim da zepp poss high?

Poss Alkan Concerto for Solo Piano

1st mvt 8) :kan:

Yeah could be.
I can listen to it, but it’s not my favourite sheeyat.

Pozz a controversial opinion, but I think 10/2 is the most anti-sd piece ever.
It’s insanely difficult but sounds easy.
In fact, most non-musicians would think it’s “dat sheeyat from Shine” but played slow. :lib:

With Sorabji’s Opus Clav I get bored pretty soon - just too many empty notes.
Enormously time-consuming to learn and totally not worth it IMO

Yeah dude I’m with you, it’s unlistenable. I think it’s crap like that that keeps modern folk away from classical piano. Sounds like some '20s rag sheeyat.

I would dump 80% of Brahms into this category. To me Brahms = ‘Woe Is Me, Ma Life Iz So Hard. Pity me.’ Not a fan of that sentiment.

Da 39-9 sounds even mo sheeyat den da rest of da rockets 8)

I also can’t stand da 39-6, wtf kind of melody is that?!

Ok: overrated SDC classics:

Chop ball 4 (incoherent rambling mess in the beginning, almost unlistenable). Imho, Chopin is far inferior to Liszt, and is so fucking overplayed. Chopin can only be salvaged by da oldtime mofos.

Ravel scarbo (are you kidding me? Stretched out as fuck, perhaps 5 minutes of material from da middle sect should be cut)

Rach concerto 1 - nuff said.

Liszt - no work ever, if you don’t like Liszt go suck a Cameldick 8)

Cziffra Zabre Dance - forgive moi, o holy one, but da Zabre Dance sumhow made gheyer by yo tranz. Pozz will be better at 2x speed?


Oh cone on, da 4th ballade intro doesn’t bother anyone?!


It could be the greatest piece of music ever written :chop:

I’m kinda with you on Scarbo though, I’ve never liked it either, and 39#9 and 5 are also both overplayed and overrated. But “even mo sheeyat than da rest”?? :tm: :tm: :tm: :tm:

I mostly can’t stand Rach’s compos. Oh well

I haven’t seen The OC mentioned for ages! Used to be all the rage on 88ztreet and even here for a while.
Can’t say I’ve bothered listening past the first 10 minutes or so ages ago!

Altho I quite like it, da dante sonata could surely be shortened to at most 12 mins.
It never ends!

With all due rezpek of course.

I do admire Chopin’s incredible ear for harmony, especially in some of the later works like da Polosnoozefant and sum of da late nocturnes. Lots of innovative contrapuntal textures.

However, the inherent flaws of Chopin’s approach are still apparent - a lack of a coherent development of ideas.

Chopin’s larger scale works - especially Sonata no 3, Polonaise fantasy, fantasy in f minor and even smaller scale works like many of the Mazurkas, Waltzes and Nocturnes tend to ramble.

He clings to antiquated forms with pure repeats. Schumann better in those forms, imho.
Clearly Chopin’s biggest contribution is his wonderful melodies - too bad the compositions are not nearly on the level of Beethoven, Brahms and Liszt (or even Schumann)

As for Rachmaninoff - he is a decent composer-pianist but I can’t seriously consider his works any form of great.
Perhaps hearing his concerti is a good general introduction to classical music, they grab the attention in a superficial kind of way.

The compositions are stronger than other composer-pianists at the time, but due to a general decline of musical culture all over the world (see the MAXIM Chinese TV appearance) - Rachmaninoff’s music is now considered worthy of playing ad nauseum.

If you didn’t like Liszt I’d have said your taste in composers is on par with your taste in women.
But mainly because 39/6 and 39/9 are my favourite rockets, I probably agree with the Chopin criticism.
For some reason, I get so sick of the preludes but never the etudes-tableaux.

I don’t just love Liszt, I adore him.
Beethoven, Liszt and Scriabin for me, tru.

Chopin is mostly pretty melodies to impress Chinese schoolgirls with :dong: