SDC Shop - NOW OPEN!!!

we shuld haff special SDC shades 8)

haha, we will c what we can do 8)

no respec for da dezign of tzhirt

fuck u

no1 wil buyu does LMAOZzz:D

da only problem iz dat the shirtz haff da old address. 8)

oh, it works anyway. Fuk it. My bad.

hahahaha datz rite


i think this is a rily cool idea!

can i get a discount please?

prove yourself :stop:


i shall let da comme elaborate on dese matters

i am too lazy at the moment



what the hell is that?

stick around

he usually comes by here quite often

must be too busy wankin right now

i dont see him on the memberlist

he goes by many names, look for da one wit da most posts

fuck da fuckin fucker?

what an ass…

tru tru 8)

[size=200]no one carez[/size]


hahaha pozzibly