Semen in Competition winner's rectal canal tested POSITIVE for JURY member DNA

Tru diz provocative title :sunglasses:

Exactly HOW corrupt are cumpetitionz?

Iz it juz a myth perpetuated by unhappy lozer cunteztantz or iz it TRU dat dere iz zome WEINZTEINERY afoot? :lib:


It has happened, at least with individual jurors, but on the whole I think it’s largely a tin foil hat claim. Raur and I have been quite successful in picking out medalists from the competitions we’ve followed here for instance, and even when the panel haven’t chosen like me I’ve understood why, or how they thought. Similarly there are very few historical competitions I have any reason to doubt.

I think where it comes from is first the US/SU rivalry during the cold war where suspicions ran rampant (but look how they actually scored), plus that there are many facets to music and not everyone is open to all (indeed I don’t think anyone is open to all), which means it is natural to have people who don’t “get” a winner.

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ahahahah tiz bazically a bit lyk

da end of da movie GLADIATAH:

u entah a DUEL wiz da rigged winnah

u receive an inztant handicap :dagger: n iz given no chance to cumplain

but if u iz LEGENDARY enuff, u can ztill ovahcum diz riggin

n fight yo way to a DRAW :sunglasses:

lyk da OGDONG did wiz da AZH at da tchaik comp :sunglasses:


Holy shit the title

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The most corrupt aspect is the selection round thru vid rec

You have no guarantee that they even heard yo sheeyat

When u reduce 200 applicunts to 30 (or 15) fo live audition… well, that is already inviting fuckery when none of this is viewable by da pubic (sic)

But… we know da rules when we sign up for a deep rectal probe by mediocre pro jurors who are only good for

Semen deposits into da winning rectum


Well, Ashkenazy was worthy of standing alongside Ogdon IMO - and they both supported the draw themselves.

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What has really changed is the numbah of

Finalists in comps.

At best, we get 6 finalists…
But more and more - 3 mofos n 3 prizes.

Already a strange system…

The other aspect is financial - they TAKE applications from 300+, every mofo paying a straight up $100 (or more) fee…

Lack of REP standardization or requirements is another sheeyat.

We had da Chop Rondo op 16 n Clementi (dong) vs Islamey or Gaspard in da Clitcomp 2013

And da chop rondo pass.

That’s like the mofo who won da hamamama by playing easy sheeyat.

My view on comps is that they are mostly a waste of time. However, very occasionally they unearth a talent like Debargue, and then you think, okay this comp was worth having.


Dere must be sum rep standards set…

Haha, I just wrote a 3 km long post about that very mofo, but I scrapped it now when you got there first. It really is difficult - a great Mozart pianist is no way “lesser” than a great Rachmaninoff pianist in my book, but as an amateur pianist myself it’s hard to look past that it’s so much more work to prepare a clean performance of the Etudes-Tableaux than it is of four Mozart sonatas. On the other hand, I wonder if it’s not more rare to hear good Mozart playing than it is with Rachmaninoff - and so must in some, other, way be “harder” to do. Both require extreme talent, but in very different ways.

Either way it’s hopelessly difficult to compare the two. It’s almost like putting a rapper against a metal guitarist and ask if the guitarist did his solo better than the rapper did his rap. Providing the rep is varied - from a range of styles and centuries - I’m with TM that it’s probably better to have some standardization on rep so you don’t end up with this Turkey/BRUCE situation.

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On the other hand… thinking some more about this I guess that’s bound to create a situation where the Great Rachmaninoff Pianist is ditched since his Mozart was trash, while the Great Mozart Pianist is ditched since his Op.39 was trash - and so you end up with a winner who did both well but nothing extraordinary (which often is precisely the case in comps, IMO).

Well, in comps, dere is ALWAYS a chance

  1. If tiz broadcast
  2. You play well enough

However, da prescreening proccess where dey pick 30 mofos from 300, will be fucked to sum extent.

Nobody is going to play at deir peak past round 1 anyway.

Comps used to be 2-week long events.

60 or so mofos in round 1, all public, you have time to review other rep as you keep advancing

howevah, when u haff 9 mofos in semis and 3 mofos in da finals, everyone gets Gangraped

I is of da opinion dat having 3 finalists and 3 prizes is already fucked

Remember da days of like 8 prize winning spots?

I think the real problem is that you have ONE mofo who assess the playing. Having an average from several has its own problems, at least without nifty selection rules, but when you’re left to a single person’s ears in a selection process it will be a lottery to some extent.

also, most many precumscreening recs are thrown out when da “resume” is considered “weak”.

what can I say…

Such as da mofo hu gangraped moi in da PadThai selection :poland:

Fuck how did I miss dis gensui title? There’s a joke somewhere in here about learning to gape but I can’t quite spread it open ATM :ghey:


tru tiz will be a ztandard tezt in da SDC competition :sunglasses:

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