Seriously, this is really annoying.

I’m trying to find a recording of one of you guys playing a fast piece, and they’be all been fucking deleted or not found! :imp:

Here is one of our members playing a fast piece:


Is Da Comme’s WW gone?

And here’s his Ocean Etude

(Hafta add DaComme as a friend first.)

Hahahahaha, it seems Comme’s vid is too ghey for just ANYONE to see.


:comme: 8)

haha i just noticed. pip is like the only female member.

not fo long… :slight_smile: diz a hint

hahah datz ryt, tha speedjihad iz getin a sex change 8)

haha no. dumfuk


u biatch, did u black da COMME from yo mzn? 8) :stop: :whale:

yup every woyman on earth iz fraid of u comme :laughing:

i iz alot to handle pozz :dong:

u dickhead.

Haha yeah I did Comme, sorry about that…

My boyfriend got pissed at the inappropriate pictures you sent me…

I bet any boyfriend would be, and that’s good. If you’re still here after that, though, you might be a long membah of da sdc :stop: .

Zhouldn’t be zorry for blocking DaComme :whale: . If DaComme knew my msn I wouldnt think twice about blocking him :dong: .

twuz appropriate, u needed an education, pozzibly

iz diz boyfriend ztill yo bf? :lib:

unblock da comme, n i vil behave :blush:

hahahah da comme randomly ad moi on da tube