Severin Eisenberger

BEETHOVEN: Concertos #2, #3, #4, #5, Choral Fantasy (opening piano solo truncated as the engineer thought the piece began with the tutti!)
BRAHMS: Concerto #1
MOZART: Concertos #20 (K.466) and #24 (K.491) with parts missing
SAINT-SAENS: Variations on a theme of Beethoven for 2 Pianos (incomplete)
SCHUMANN: Concerto

Apparently these recs exist.
Anyone ever seen these on a collector’s list somewhere?
This dude could play fucking GOOD.

Hopefully somebody releases this stuff eventually.

I don’t have any of it :frowning:

I actually read that as Eisenboner.
New SDC nick name.

been a very long time since I heard him but I remember his Chopin PC 2 was beautiful and perhaps my favourite back then. I’d love to hear his Schumann PC & K. 466. I’ve never seen a collector’s list either :whale:

I’d be curious about the Brahms 1, and Beethoven 4, 5