sheet req: Vine Bagatelles

Anyone have the sheets for these?

My teacher has insisted that I play some Australian miniatures this semester because in her words “it’s easier to get grant money if you play something Australian” (!)

I’m kinda resistant to the idea as I’m not really into Australian music (I got assigned some pieces by Sitsky last year and didn’t even print off the sheets), but I figured I’d have a read through and see if I like these enough to learn them.

Unless people have any other recommendations?

The Sculthorpe Night pieces were another possibility, but frankly I can barely stand to listen to them!

Can’t stand these pieces, sooo cheasy!

What about Uttering Joyous Leaves buy Nigel Butterley? I’ve played it a few times - good piece but an utter shit to memorise!

Coruscations by Richard Meale (or Mills, always get confused), don’t like it but admired by a lot of people.

Miriam Hyde always a safe option. Valley of Rocks?


I remember looking through a collection of Roy Agnew, seemed quite interesting.

The Westlake Sonata is apparently very good but long.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I listened to some Agnew and liked it, I might suggest this to my teacher.
Coruscations sounds like the sort of music I’d be happy to listen to but would never go through the pain of learning myself.
Didn’t manage to find a recording of the Butterley.

too bad, i really like australian piano music. actually, both westlake sonatas are quite short (like 12 minutes) but really damn hard. both are really good, though, but the first one is really nasty. the vine bagatelles and sculthorpe night pieces are very doable. too bad you don’t like the sculthorpe. i think they’re really nice. his piece ‘mountains’ is really nice, also. i have the sheets for those pieces if you want them (not the westlakes).

There’s always the Kats-Chernin Rags…lollypops but fun I guess.

check out some cds with ian munro playing. he has recorded a few cds with short australian piano works, including the vine bagatelles, sculthorpe night pieces, and many others.

thanks, I’ll see if they have any of those CDs at uni.
So far I could only find bits and pieces of Australian music on youtube and the Naxos library.

I have this somewhere if you want … BD26045633

i’d personally love to hear that!

btw, if you can’t find any of those munro disks, i’d be happy to upload the ones i have.

If you could that would be great, as I’m not that keen to go into uni during my holidays. :dong:

I’d be interested in that disc too Mikey.
I took Alistair Noble’s theory class last year (although I ended up dropping it), I didn’t even realise he was a composer.