sheetmusic request: Moszkowski 15 etudes de virtuosité op 72

My teacher wants me to learn some of these to help my battling tech, anyone have the sheets? rezpec d’avance.

tell yo teech 2 kindly fuck off

improv improvez tech :ziff:

onli play piecez u lyk :kan:

not dat i dun lyk deze piecez :doc:

knock urself out :stop: :lib:

:lib: tru :whale:

actually dey are pretty badazz (any1 haz a complete rec ov all of dem?)
probably zum ov da mozt effective exercize

dey work on ur dex moztly

tha GRIFFLAH one in aflat minah pozz tha bezt :doc:

Some of them are way too easy, but some are actually really annoying in a Czerny-like way. Only played 2 and 6

I haff thiz by some guy alain Raes

its pretty shit actually

Lol tru, I deleted that Raes set even though I didn’t have any other

i guess these etudes are too shitty for a serious pianist to record them. ive also played a few of these, and while they are good technically, they are pretty devoid of musical content. not worth my time.

no1 iz undar8ed

tru, musically they’re really not worth that much. But they beat czerny anyway.



A: No.

Q: :ho: deedleydoodledeedleydo

tru diz iz why I’m a work on 'em.

hahah tru, tiz fuckin klassik

juzt goez to zhow da :ho: doezn’t take no zhit from othahz

The one Hamelin plays is one of the few really musical ones.

dey iz all gud

juz need zum :stop: perfz