should i learn da KANCERTO?

shud i do diz sheeyat?

  • yeah go ahead! i look forward to seein u fail!
  • yeah! you kick ass, u can do it ‘bro’!
  • no, u iz too sheeyat
  • no, your muzicality iz too profound to play diz superficial sheeyat
  • no, u vil ruin yo tech by attemptin diz

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hahahahahhaa, a major project obviouzly, n da longezt n mozt challengin work datz eva been written datz actually WIKID

shud i go fo it? :doc:

op39 noz 8, 9, 10 = FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

:laughing: :comme:

i’ll support u 8)

yeah! you kick ass, u can do it ‘bro’!

ahhahaha da comme. You actually think that you can learn this mofo. Why don`t you learn it when you are forty or something. I am serious. You wount be able to learn it jet.

and it isn\t the most difficult piece wich is wickid. How difficult is Petrouchka?

-The Meph

hahahaha, takin in account itz sheer LENGTH, itz mo of an overall challenge den petushycunt


I learnt thiz when I was 14 yr old… so im way ahead of ya mofo

bring out da evidence 8)

Da comme vil do when da Long Dong vil conquer da Clitburn

No Comme. You may be able to play it one day if you start easy and work your way up. Do you even have a [qualified] teacher?

how dare u 8)

The weight of ma ballz is measured in tonnes. 8)

DAMN!!! YOU HAVE CANCER !!! :dong:

big balls

hahahahaha, da hardezt sheeyat iz da complication of fingerin da fuckin sheeyat, so many choicez, so many sheeyatz dat need to be economically calibrated


show us your rep

25/12 n variouz mini-cock piecez

satie gymnocock 8)


don’t forget some of ur recs, lyk mazeppa 8)

And the legendary 10/10, I think.

u think? 8)