Sir Thomas Beecham - Rimsky Scheherazade

Pozzibly my favourite recording of Scheherazade:

Also, here’s Reiner:

Nice, I like this work a lot.

Listened to the Kondrashin, yet?

I did. It’s a stunning rec, but I’d expect no less from legends like Kondrashin and the RCO

Btw, Beecham’s Polovtsian Dances are also fantastic.

Beecham’s Balakirev 1st Symphony is awesome… you want me to post that??

Thanks for posting this! I’m out of town in a place where I cannot download, but I’ll look forward to these Scheherezade recordings when I’m back in Cleveland. If there is any interest, I’ll post my personal favorite of what I’ve heard so far: Ormandy with Philly at that point too. Beecham and Reiner are quite legendary.