Sokolov - 2021 Rachmaninoff op.23

Just a YT link…

But really great playing. Some beautiful moments, shame it’s an audio recording but as going to Europe to see him isn’t an option under zombie apocalypse yet…


Duz dat date mean lazt Monday ?

Rezpec dude, I’ve been really looking forward to this zince I c Itbon hiz prog

hahah rezpec :rocky:

firzt zheeyat i do whenevah i liztn to a rach op 23 rec iz check tha zpeed on numbah 9 to zee if tiz MT level or not :icon_stopw_sdc_473:

zo far no one iz really very cloze i dun think :dong:

thiz one iz very zmooth n rezpectabl :sunglasses:


2021-03-01 - Sokolov - Madrid - Rachmaninov Prelude Op. 23 no. 5 - VIDEO
(I capture it on Sokolov’s FB page)

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Much better than his recent Chopin. And definitely more interested in hearing him play Rach than Mozart or Haydn.

I hope there will better records of the actual program. It’s the audio or acoustics quality that bothers me.

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