Sokolov - Eroica new in repertoire?!

Sokolov’s 2022 program contains Beethoven Eroica Variations op. 35 according to
that link: Dolomiti Prealpi - Dolomiti Prealpi | Valbelluna

Surprising to me is that I can’t find any former recording LvB op.35 by Sokolov,
or is this a premiere in his repertoire?

randomly a zkep fav brothah compo, wud be curiouz to hear

Eroica zymph Pimptranz wud be betta tru


et voila

im starting to relearn this, curious what sokolov does with some of the problems…
edit: its solid! super clear, strong. great articulation, of course. i am used to hearing much more humor, sokolov takes the piece dead serious.